Terms & Conditions

At Twirl N Tone we try to cater to everyone’s needs, but even we can’t deal with everything. So here are the Terms & Conditions that we have to make it a better experience for everyone.

  1. All class enquiries should be made by email twirlntonepoledance@googlemail.com.
  2. All classes must be booked and paid for on the booking link before class.
  3. All classes have a minimum strict 24hr cancelling policy.
  4. Pay as you go and Private sessions: we cannot reschedule if customers cancel with less than 24 hours notice. We cannot give cash refunds on ANY classes. Sorry no exceptions.
  5. Block of four: Classes must be used a minimum of 1 class per week runs for 28 days.  Times and dates of classes can be changed with 24 hours notice. Sorry no refunds on any block package classes.
  6. Student deals: Student must produce a valid matric card on arrival in class to qualify for the discounted rate.  Failure to do so will require the student to pay the difference in class on arrival.
  7. Unlimited package: Runs for 28 days .  We have set this as a fair usage policy of 18 classes within the 28 day period.  Should you wish to use more, please contact us. Times and dates of classes can be changed with 24 hours notice. Repeated failure to attend without notice will void all other reservations.
  8. Please aim to arrive 10 mins before class to allow time to find us and fill out any health questionnaires .Failure to turn up on time and missing the warm up, may result in you being refused entry to that class. Our warm ups are a very important part of class this is for your own safety and to avoid injury. Our instructors insurance will not cover them if you do not warm up in the studio before hand.
  9. Please make sure that you are medically fit to join our classes. Any conditions that may affect physical movement or cause you distress, must be disclosed at the time of booking to allow our instructors to assess the risk to yourself for this specialised activity. Please consult your GP if you have any worries before joining our classes.
  10. Twirl N Tone Pole Dance Academy cannot be held responsible for any medical issues that arise from any medical conditions not disclosed by participants, this includes underlying conditions not yet diagnosed, pregnancy or heart and respiratory conditions.

Frequently asked questions

  1. What age do you need to be to join a class?

    All our classes are over 16s only, we have no upper age limit

  2. When do classes run?

    We run flexible mixed ability classes 7 days a week. as well as specialised one to one classes, all our class times and prices can be found on each class page.

  3. Do I need to be fit to do pole dancing?

    No! Pole fitness is a great way to GET fit and lose weight. If you have some degree of fitness you may find it slightly easier, but this is not necessary.

  4. What should I wear to class?

    You NEED to have bare legs and arms to grip the pole, so shorts and a short sleeved top or t-shirt are ideal. Leggings or jogging bottoms will have you sliding all over the place. You can go barefoot or heels. Heels really work your calf muscles out so there is a benefit to wearing them in class. No jewellery permitted in class!

  5. Can I wear lotion or fake tan before class?

    NO! Applying moisturiser or fake tan on the day of your class will cause your skin to be slippy on the pole and this can be dangerous. Try to apply it a few days before class if you must.

  6. Can men join?

    YES!! At Twirl N Tone, we believe that pole is for everyone regardless of gender.

  7. How many people are in a class?

    We have a maximum limit of 18 people per class. However, sometimes you may find there are 8 or 10 people depending who can make it that night. We never have any more than 2 students per pole; sometimes we have less so there is plenty of pole time for everyone.

  8. Will I be sore after my first class?

    Yes, you should expect some muscle pain after your first lesson. You will not realise it at the time but most of your body’s muscles will be worked out. You will probably work out muscles you never knew you had! After a few weeks, your body should become used to it and it will be less painful for you. However, as you progress from beginner to intermediate and so on you may experience new muscular pain as you will be doing more difficult moves. (Please note stretching is a must before our classes to avoid injury, your instructor will take you through this.)

  9. I have bruises from pole class is this normal?

    Yes! A lot of pole work involves skin friction and pressure on certain body parts. Many beginners tend to hold the pole tightly in due to lack of strength or fear of letting go and this causes bruising. As you become more confident and stronger you will have less bruising. Arnica gel is a godsend for the regular poler and will help your bruises heal fast!

  10. How long should it take me to accomplish a level?

    Everyone is different. Some students take around 4 weeks to become confident with a group of pole moves, for others it can take months. You may progress faster if you come to class regularly. The important thing is not to feel bad if you can’t get a move right away we have all been there. Plenty of practice is important and not rushing yourself too much. Trying moves before you are ready can result in injury. Your instructor will be able to tell when you are ready to move on to another level.

  11. I’ve never done pole before, can I join?

    Yes, if it wasn’t for beginners then we would have no experts. No experience is required to start, you will be placed with other beginners within the class and have an instructor dedicated to teaching you your first steps around the pole.

  12. Is there parking nearby?

    yes, our studio has on street parking, free after 6pm, and a large car park across the street from the entrance.

Twirl N Tone Pole Dance Academy

Twirl N Tone Pole Dance Academy