About Us

Twirl N Tone Pole Dance Academy was launched in 2009. Our Instructors have lots of experience as well as a vast background in different forms of dance and overall fitness. As it is a passion of ours we work hard to provide you with unique and fun classes and parties and love every minute of it! Here’s our Team:

Amber – Director and Owner


I first got hooked on pole way back when pole classes where quite new and unheard of. Around 13 years ago. I went along with a friend because I wanted to try something new and exciting and getting fit in an unusual unconventional way appealed to me. I never was a fan of gyms! Right from the word go I was totally in love with pole, I was in awe of my instructor, who rocked the pole in her sky high heels and tiny outfit. She was so toned, graceful and fluid on the pole and I immediately wanted to be like that one day. I was totally useless at first, no strength or co-ordination at all. I had a passion inside me for dance and I was determined to nail all the moves given to me. Fast forward 13 years and here I am the owner of my very own pole studio and doing a job I absolutely love. I trained hard for years, danced in clubs and taught part time for other pole schools until I made the leap to give up my day job and pursue the dream of having a studio. My main dance style is traditional/exotic pole dance and contemporary pole but we welcome and teach all styles of pole dance and fitness in the studio. I love teaching my students, watching them come into my studio shy and unsure and eventually blossoming into confident, fit, and body positive individuals. Pole means a lot of different things for different people but I especially love the new friends I have met throughly my years of teaching and the sense of family and community in the studio. It’s unlike anything else Iv ever experienced. I have met so many interesting people ,taught tv actors ,helped choreograph routines for the Scottish Ballet and many musicals and music videos thoughout the years as well as teaching pole on live tv. The highlight of my year was winning an award for best contribution to the Scottish pole industry 2016. You’ll mostly find me dancing around the studio in my 7 inch sparkly pole shoes and whipping my hair around and long may it continue!

Tami – Instructor

Tami - Pole Party/Class Instructor

I first started pole classes with Twirl and Tone with my daughter and was apprehensive at first thinking I was a little older than most. This was certainly not the case and the relaxed friendly atmosphere sold me. First class in and I was hooked! Since then I have worked hard to achieve the level I have got to today and now am proud to be working with Twirl and Tone as an instructor. As an instructor it is always my aim to pass on skills and knowledge of the art and to help those who are struggling with those nemises moves. There is nothing better than to see someone achieve under your instruction and I have to say I love this role. I am always working with Pole fitness in some way, be it teaching, learning new moves or supporting the cause to have it recognized as a sport. the wonderful thing about Pole fitness it that you never stop learning and its an amazing way to keep fit, be more confident and proud of yourself and your achievements!

Heather – Instructor


Performing, singing, dancing and amateur dramatics were a huge part of my childhood and teens. I trained in Ballet from age 4 and gymnastics in my early teens. I discovered and fell in love with Pole about 3 years ago when a friend showed me a video of Jenyne Butterfly and invited me along to a class. I was really struggling with high levels of Anxiety at the time and it was often difficult for me to leave the house. I decided to give Pole Classes at Twirl n Tone a go to boost my confidence. I’m happy to say it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made. In my first class I realised that Pole Fitness was a lot harder than I’d thought but I was determined I wanted to be better. So I stuck at it, attending 1-2 classes a week. In May 2015 I did my first Pole Performance and in February 2016 I was certified as a Level 4 Distinction Instructor by the Pole Dance Community.

Josephine – Instructor

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I’ve always enjoyed dancing but with working full time I found myself in a bit of a slump in terms of keeping fit. I saw the advertisement for the Pole classes here at ‘Twirl and Tone’ and they caught my attention and my imagination. I’ll admit though, part of me thought, ‘Ooh, That looks fun!, and a small part of me thought, ‘What will people think?’ How wrong was I – my mum had also seen the advertisement and emailed it to me, suggesting I give it a go as it would be perfect for me!

I have never looked back – Pole is amazing. I find it so motivating and it has improved my self imagine and my fitness, it is different from conventional fitness classes and is a great workout. I feel so lucky to be able to teach it and see the improvements in my students; both on the pole and in their confidence. I have heard many say that the classes are motivational for losing weight and toning the body. Students may walk in unsure of their abilities and say “I can’t do that…”. I encourage them to add to it “…yet.” and say that they will get there. The instructors help the students to achieve the new moves and through mutual encouragement we help to create a very positive atmosphere for the classes. I know I am so proud when one of the students nails the move they have been working on for so long. Come on – Give it a go and see what you can do.

Rosie – Instructor


I had always been interested in pole fitness so when I saw a voucher for classes at Twirl n Tone on Living Social I couldn’t resist! I was nervous for my first class as I didn’t have any friends with me but my worries quickly disappeared and after that first class, I never looked back. Pole can be challenging but for me, the feeling of achieving a move in class is second to none. Since I started with Twirl n Tone I have had so many amazing experiences, from attending workshops with various Pole stars to performing in the Twirl n Tone showcases and I have loved every minute! By far, one of my favourite things about pole is the people I have met and all the friends I have made along the way. Being a pole instructor is a dream come true for me and has provided a welcome balance in my life as outside of the studio I work in renewable energy where I spend much of my time in muddy fields! Now I can’t imagine my life without pole and I am so proud to be a part of the Twirl n Tone family!

Zoe – Instructor


I started pole fitness when a friend and I purchased a Groupon deal for a block of 4 classes. I had always wanted to try it and by the end of the block I was hooked. I can’t say the same for my friend as she had given up before the block had even finished. I soon realised it is a skilled and challenging thing to keep up, but after a few months I began to see a lot of progression. After 6 months I had bought my own pole and started attending classes more than ones a week. I really enjoy meeting new people and love how the classes are flexible times with mixed levels in every class. I have done a few showcase performances which are so much fun and really give you a confidence boost. Outside the pole studio I’m in the photography studio as a full time photographer and digital artist which is my passion. Now being a pole instructor I have both my dream jobs!!

Suzi – Instructor


Dance has always been a major part of my life since I was very young. I graduated with Merit in Dance in 2004 and have been teaching and performing various styles ever since. I have been lucky enough to train and perform with various companies along the way such as Scottish Ballet and InsideOut Productions. I was attracted to the gymnastic and contemporary element of Pole dance and from my first class 5 years ago I was in love! I love the confidence that people gain from Pole. It is a great sport that can be challenging both mentally and physically. It is amazing for me as an instructor to watch the progression in people from their 1st class and to help them achieve those moves they never thought they could!!